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High Frequency/High Power Capacitors

Type N2200 Dielectric
For AC Line Filtering or High Power RF Applications



  • AC line filtering, typically from 110-230 volts AC, 80 to 400 Hz

  • High power RF at high voltages: 500 volts to 5,000 volts


  • Low dissipation factor (DF)

  • Low self-heating

  • Low ESR over a wide frequency range

  • High reliability

  • Stable capacitance vs. frequency

  • No aging rate

Ceramic Type:

This ceramic is a Type N2200, NTC dielectric. Its advantage is that it combines the high K of an X7R dielectric with the stability of an NPO dielectric. Temperature Coefficient: -2200ppm/C typical.

Popular Part Numbers

Capacitance Voltage Part Number
.068 F 500 V   RL2422N2T683K6E250
.330 F 500 V   RL3941N2T334K6E400
1 F 500 V   S305N2T105K6N4
.050 F 1000 V   RL3736N2T503K9E375
.015 F 5000 V   RL8557N2T153K15E850

Capacitors available as radial leaded or stacked
Other sizes available (consult factory)

How To Order

Please consult factory with your requirements.
We will direct you to the closest available part.

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